What is this crap?

  I remember Syboard! What happened to it?
It disappeared in 2008. We all grew up and moved on to bigger and better things.

  That sucks.
Yep. It was a pretty awesome community toward the end. We finally found our niche and had a decent following.

  What happened to the community?
I lost touch with most of the members. FJGamer (Josh) and Suiseiseki (Thom) are still floating around somewhere.

  Why is this page here?
I was looking at the Wayback archives of Syboard and it sparked something inside of me.. something I haven't felt in a long time. A yearning to see a long-lost friend. Perhaps we can resurrect the community and breathe new life into Syboard.

  Awesome! What other projects are you involved with?
Legendary Fail Games (LegendaryFail.com)

  Sign me up! How long before this gets off the ground?
Rome wasn't built in a day. I work a full time job and have several other projects that I'm working on simultaneously.

  How can I help?
It's hard to say. Once we re-launch the community, we'll need people to fill it. Recruiting, perhaps?